Korindo Wind Tower Installations

Since 2006, we have produced more than 1,200 towers for the U.S. market, and close to 1,600 are supporting turbines in on- and off-shore applications around the globe. We have manufactured and delivered every one of them to the most exacting standards in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Korindo Wind been manufacturing wind towers?
We built our plant in 2006 and delivered our first tower in July 2007.

What is Korindo Wind's capacity?
We can manufacture more than 800 towers annually, and we have the resources to quickly expand that if there is demand for more.

What separates Korindo Wind from the other tower manufacturers?
Korindo Wind is one of the few ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified wind tower manufacturers in the world. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed specifically for manufacturing utility-scale wind towers and monopiles. The plant features a highly efficient linear production line - raw materials enter one end and completed sections exit the other with absolutely no time, effort, or material wasted in between. That saves you time and money. In addition, we save our customers money and hassles by delivering your towers to the port closest to your site. Since all of your towers are delivered at one time, we simplify the equipment scheduling and construction processes. In addition, through Precision Logistics, we take care of all the details, costs and risks until you accept your sections, and we have a perfect on-time delivery record. Finally, the financial strength of our parent company gives us, and you, two advantages. We are able to put together pricing and logistics packages that other suppliers simply cannot match, and you can rest assured that we will be around long-term, both to address any issues that may arise with your towers down the road and to meet your future needs.

How does the quality of Korindo Wind towers compare to those manufactured by other suppliers?
Korindo Wind is one of the few ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certified wind tower manufacturers in the world, so our towers are of the highest quality available. In addition, our welders all hold American Welding Society certifications, and our inspectors are certified by reputable national and international professional certifying organizations. Furthermore, we employ the most sophisticated technologies and equipment available.

How does Korindo Wind compete on price compared to domestic suppliers that do not need to ship sections overseas?
The landed price of Korindo Wind towers often is equivalent to or less than the cost of getting towers from a U.S. factory to the project site. This is due to many factors, including our ability to purchase steel at a better price, significantly lower operating costs in Asia, and a unique agreement we have with an overseas shippers that keeps costs low. In addition, since your towers arrive at the port closest to your site, much of the expense of intra-continental shipping is eliminated.

How do I know my questions will be answered and my concerns addressed in a timely manner?
Representatives of Los Angeles-based Kousa International, the exclusive agent for Korindo Wind, are available around the clock to meet your needs. In terms of after-sale service, we have a network of service contractors around the country that can be at your site quickly if you need them.

What standards and specifications can Korindo Wind guarantee?
We manufacture our sections to American, European and Asian standards. In fact, since we deliver towers all over the world, we can help you convert specs and ensure they are appropriate for their final destination. That gives you the additional advantage of being able to use one supplier for all your projects, no matter where they are.

What is Precision Logistics?
Precision Logistics is a comprehensive, risk-free logistics package that allows us to take care of every detail so you won't have any hassles or delays in getting your towers where and when you need them. It includes shipping coordination (overseas and domestic), use of our proprietary stacking frames, full liability insurance, and everything associated with the port, including clearing customs, duties, labor, port storage and reverse logistics. And, since Precision Logistics incorporates the DDP logistics method, it eliminates all your pre-delivery risk.

What is the DDP logistics method?
DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. Of all standard logistics methods, this is the one that provides the least risk to the customer. Korindo Wind arranges transport, we retain all responsibility and liability until we deliver your towers to the destination we agree upon in advance and we take care of all costs until you accept them.

Since Korindo Wind towers are delivered from Indonesia, isn't there more of a chance that they will be late?
No. In fact, the opposite is true. We have to schedule vessels in advance, and every day they sit in port costs us thousands of dollars. Whatever it takes to stay on schedule, we get it done. The bottom line is Korindo Wind has never been late on a delivery, ever.

Since Korindo Wind towers are delivered from Indonesia, won't it take longer for me to get them?
We have to plan and schedule in advance, just as you do. We deliver tower sections on or before the date we agree to, period. You will know exactly when your towers will arrive well in advance, and they will all arrive at one time. That means your project manager will be able to plan accordingly and you will not waste money on renting cranes that sit idle waiting for sections.

Who is Kousa International?
Kousa International, Korindo Wind's exclusive agent, handles everything related to the sale and delivery of towers in North America and around the world. For your purposes, when you work with Kousa International you are working directly with Korindo Wind. It's a seamless relationship that ensures absolute clarity and responsiveness for Korindo Wind customers.