Korindo Wind Tower Installations

Since 2006, we have produced more than 600 towers for the U.S. market, and close to 1,000 are supporting turbines in on- and off-shore applications around the globe. We have manufactured and delivered every one of them to the most exacting standards in the industry.

David Choi

David Choi portrait

General Manager

David brings more than 15 years of experience in international relations, international logistics and supply chain management to serving Kousa International and Korindo Wind clients.

A licensed U.S. Customs broker, David is an expert in multi-modal international air and ocean transportation, has a strong grasp of import/export regulatory compliance, and is proficient in generating routing guides for consignment that decrease costs and lead time. David joined Kousa International in 2008. As our general manager, he is responsible for managing our key wind energy accounts, wind tower marketing, sales, operations and quality assurance. He also manages the wastepaper segment of our business, overseeing our quality control, maintaining vendor/supplier relationships and monitoring commodities trading.

David earned a bachelor's degree in political science with a specialization in international relations from UCLA in 1999.

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